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    April 4, 2015

    How to Register Smart Bro FlexiTime 100 (15 hours internet for 7 days)

    Smart Bro FlexiTime 100

    Enjoy 15 hours internet browsing valid for 7 Days with Smart Bro Flexitime 100!

    How to register Smart Bro Flexitime 100:
    1. Load up your Smart Bro Account. Be sure to have enough Smart Bro load.
    Recommended Smart Bro regular load amount:
    Smart BRO 100

    Other available Smart Bro load denominations to choose from:
    Smart BRO 15
    Smart BRO 30
    Smart BRO 50
    Smart BRO 60
    Smart BRO 115
    Smart BRO 200
    Smart BRO 300
    Smart BRO 500

    2. Text Flexitime 100 then send to 2200 from you Smart Bro account.

    3. Enjoy 15 hours internet browsing valid for 7 Days.

    You can also enjoy other Smart Bro Flexitime data packages:
    Smart Bro Flexitime 20
    Smart Bro Flexitime 30
    Smart Bro Flexitime 50
    Smart Bro Flexitime 200
    Smart Bro Flexitime 400


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