How to Register Smart SurfMax 50 for Smart Bro Subscribers

SmartBro SurfMax 50

Smart SurfMax is the newest internet offer available to all Smart and SmartBro prepaid subscribers and Smart/Smart Bro postpaid subscribers (SurfMax 995 only) that allows subscribers to enjoy all day surfing up to 800MB/day (Smart/Smart BRO prepaid) and 1GB/day (Smart/Smart BRO postpaid) at optimal speeds.

Promo is valid from October 31, 2015 to April 30, 2016.

How to Register Smart Surfmax 50 for Smart BRO Subscribers
Keyword: SurfMax50
Price: P50
Validity: 1 day

1. Load up your Smart Bro Account. Be sure to have enough Smart Bro load.
Recommended Smart Bro regular load amount:
Smart BRO 50

Other available Smart Bro load denominations to choose from:
Smart BRO 60
Smart BRO 100
Smart BRO 115
Smart BRO 200
Smart BRO 300
Smart BRO 500

2. Text SurfMax50 then send to 9999
You can also subscribe via Smart Bro Dashboard: Connect to your Smart Bro and go to

3. Enjoy all day internet browsing valid for 1 Day.

You can also enjoy other Smart Bro SurfMax data packages:
Smart SurfMax 85
Smart SurfMax 200
Smart SurfMax 250
Smart SurfMax 500
Smart SurfMax 995


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